Three Words for 2015

Three Words for 2015: Hustle Create Believe {the ponytail diaries}

I’ve known about the idea of coming up with “one word” to serve as a theme for your year for…at least four or five years now? Maybe longer? I’ve never done that exercise myself…until now.

But of course, I couldn’t settle on just one word, so I’m going with three for 2015.




Hustle is, honestly, the word I thought of first, but wrestled with the most. I’m still not 100% in love with some of its connotations, but it does sum up what I want to do in order to grow as a freelancer this year. And it’s…not exactly something that comes naturally to me, especially career-wise. I’ve also been a hard worker, but a steady one. I get my shit done with even, consistent energy, making sure to save enough of that energy for my “real life” outside of my work. You can do that and do quite well in a lot of desk jobs (not all, certainly). Not so much when you’re on your own.

Create because I need that energy that comes with making stuff. I need to get in touch with a more playful, creative, “try it and see” side. I need something light and fun, an outlet with no pressure. Knitting. Photography. Cooking. Sewing. Building. Painting. Decorating. Writing. All those things I just do “for fun” and “in my free time” that make a world of difference in my attitude.

Believe that I can, in fact, do this crazy thing and rock at it. Simple as that.

Do you choose a “one word” of the year? What is it?



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