Gratitude Challenge, Week 1: Why?

52 Weeks of Gratitude {the ponytail diaries}

I mentioned some time ago that, in 2015, I’d be taking on this Gratitude Challenge that I found on Well, it’s the first Saturday in 2015, so here we go.

Why Start This Challenge?

It should be obvious, right? Gratitude may be one of the only things in existence that people don’t argue about its value.

(the clunkiness of that sentence is driving me crazy. sorry.)

Why now? Because it’s another new year and why not?

Really, the question for me is, why this specific challenge?

I am such a junkie for journals and diaries and notebooks and prompts to fill those. Seriously, if I compiled all the creative writing and journaling prompts I’ve collected over the years and put it into a single Word doc, I have no doubt it would be several thousand pages long and take up a terabyte or so. And you can’t get away from gratitude prompts and gratitude journals when you’re into that. So, of course, I’ve tried gratitude journaling here and there over the years (once or twice, I think, even for school assignments) and it’s never really stuck. You know — “write down 1-5 things you’re grateful for every night.” “Spend all of November writing about what you’re thankful for.” For some reason I’m terrible about doing that kind of thing every damn day. Yet I know that reflecting on gratitude is such a positive exercise and I’ve wished I could cultivate more of it.

So the format of this challenge — once a week, with a specific prompt — appeals to me. I’m envisioning this:

I’ll set aside a little time each weekend to reflect on the upcoming week’s prompt. Then, hopefully, that subtly influences my thoughts throughout the week (I might try making the prompt my phone background, or writing it on an index card that I pin above my desk, or something so it’s easily seen/remembered). And by Friday, I’ll have a bunch of thoughts to share.

Repeat for 52 weeks.

Anyone want to join in?



4 thoughts on “Gratitude Challenge, Week 1: Why?

  1. This is cool! I’m excited to read your thoughts on the topic for each week. I love gratitude challenges. It always feels good to acknowledge the things I’m grateful for. I think I might join in on this in the future, thanks for sharing this list!

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