Runners Tell All: 2014 Recap and 2015 Goals

Runners Tell All: 2014 Recap & 2015 Goals {the ponytail diaries}

First let me say that I’m so happy I found this link-up right around when I started blogging in June — I wish I could’ve participated every month, but, you know, time travel and stuff.

So. Recapping 2014 and sharing goals for 2015.

I didn’t really set many running goals for 2014, besides logging 1,000 miles, which I did. I ran a few races and I’m in the midst of that marathon training cycle, but I don’t have much to measure this year’s running against.

And what I’m realizing is that I should.

Not that it’s an absolutely necessity to set a bunch of goals to PR and race every month and run X miles and lose weight and whatever, but it’s like, how can I evaluate what I’ve done — and how I can improve — if I don’t have something to base that evaluation on?

What I’m also realizing is that for the past month or so, for reasons mainly my fault, I’ve been supremely out of balance. My yoga practice has all but disappeared, I’ve lost all semblance of regular strength training, and that pesky core work. Even though I know that stuff’s important, I’ve let marathon training and a lack of time management/discipline waylay my best-laid plans.

Not to sound melodramatic or anything.

Plus, for most of the year, when I wasn’t “officially” training, my running was all over the place. I’d run nothing but “easy 3-5 milers” for awhile, I’d randomly throw in speedwork or a long run a couple times a month, I’d take close to a week off without even realizing it.

So I have two goals for 2015.

Three actually, since one is to get through the marathon successfully.

Then — I want to go sub-20:00 in a 5K.

Which will hurt. My “current” PR (set like in 2012) is 23:10 and I haven’t focused on speed in FOREVER. But after spending months plodding along at long run page, I am SO READY to hit the track/treadmill for some speed sessions. I’m already starting to check out some possible 5Ks (and the best part is there are SO MANY and they’re SO CHEAP compared to marathons and half marathons).

And with that, in 2015, I want balance.

I know that’s a silly and unattainable goal to have, because life is about being out of balance, but I want — need — to find a sustainable way to practice yoga regularly. I’ve learned that going without it for a week or more is not good, but practicing every single day isn’t my thing, either. I want to find a quick, simple, yet reasonably effective strength training routine — that complements running — and get my ass to the gym twice a week. I want to log more miles on trails because those just better than the ones on the roads. And I want to finally find the discipline to spend a few minutes each day and a bit of time each week to KEEPING A LEGIT TRAINING LOG and using it to look at what’s going well and what could be better and set some plans and intentions each week/month.

So that’s what 2015 will look like. God willing.

Just want to say a huge thank you to Amanda and Beka for hosting the link-up all year! You girls rock!


Runners Tell All w/The Lady Okie and Sunshine to the Square Inch

I’m linking up with The Lady Okie and Sunshine to the Square Inch for their Runners Tell All monthly series! Check it out – plus they have a giveaway!

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9 thoughts on “Runners Tell All: 2014 Recap and 2015 Goals

  1. I have been telling myself I should start a training log forever. That’s a good goal. Also, dang speedy! I would probably die If I tried to run a 5k under 20 min. Isn’t it crazy how we all have natural speeds and some people are just faster than others? I think so. I’m excited to hear about your marathon! Awesome. Thanks for linking up with us this year!

    • Thanks for hosting the link ups! And yes on everyone having different natural speeds and talents with running! But it’s great because there’s distances for everyone, whether you’re a natural speedster or have loads of endurance.

  2. I love the goal of finding balance. I’ve been really off the last few months too. Hopefully you’re able to find a better balance in the new year. Also, I think the idea of a training log is awesome but know I’d keep it up for a week or two at most.

  3. I like your goals! I once had a dream that I ran a 5k in 11:36 and destroyed the world record. I think that is the closest I will ever get to breaking 20 for a 5k. I have ZERO natural speed, I rely 100% on endurance. I’m also with you on yoga. I love how I feel after yoga, but actually doing yoga can be kind of boring so it’s difficult for me to commit to a regular schedule. I think your goals are all very reasonable though. Cheers to a year of great running in 2015!

    • Oh God, that’s exactly how I feel about yoga! There are moments when I just love it and the after-effects are great, but…well, that’s also why I mostly stick to vinyasa flow classes.

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