Running in San Diego: Sandy Feet Events

Running in San Diego: Sandy Feet Events

One of the greatest things about running in San Diego is that, thanks in part to our year-round phenomenal weather and in part to the size of the county, if you wanted to, you could race almost every weekend. I’m not even kidding. There are the big races — Rock ‘n Roll and the Triple Crown Series (Carlsbad, La Jolla, and AFC). There are the crazy theme/stunt races — color runs, neon runs, foam runs. There’s the Marine Corps Camp Pendleton Mud Run. The Dirt Devil series. Then there are smaller races held in every corner of the county and for every reason you can think of.

After living here for 3+ years, I’ve run a fair number of local races — although my race bucket list is still miles long (literally). Some of my favorites have been the ones put on by Sandy Feet Events.

Sandy Feet is a San Diego-based organization that puts on races of (from 5Ks to half-marathons) throughout the year. Some of the races are themed in some way (like the St. Patrick’s Day 15K, the Fit Foodie 5K, etc.) but not obnoxiously so. They partner with various charity organizations, which is always awesome.

I’ve run at least three of their races — the Resolution Run (15K), the St. Patrick’s Day 15K, and most recently, the Temecula Half Marathon — and each has been really well-done. It’s great because they feel like small, local races but everyone there actually knows what’s going on (and is super stoked to be there). They have small expos for each race, often offer beer/wine tasting afterward (the St. Patrick’s Day one included a green champagne taster; at the Temecula Half you had the option of purchasing 3 wine or beer tasters). I can’t say I’d recommend the Resolution Run again, but only because running around Fiesta Island is the absolute worst. But everything else about the race was great, so if you’re down with a God-awful boring 3-mile stretch with no spectators, go for it.

St. Patrick's Day 15K - Sandy Feet Events in San Diego {the ponytail diaries}

Post-St. Patrick’s Day 15K, enjoying my green champagne with Onyx. Also this race is held at Cougar Winery, one of my favorite wineries in Temecula.

The other thing I love about Sandy Feet is they’re all about “going green” with their races — from not always providing shirts (for St. Patrick’s day you could bring your own and they’d do screen-printing on-site) to encouraging people to bring their own water bottles to not providing traditional race bags with a bunch of junk — instead they e-mail “virtual” goodie bags with coupons from their sponsors so you can just print the ones you want to use. I will say, though, at the Temecula Half, you still got goodie bags filled with a bunch of ad postcards and stuff at packet pick-up — but they were also SUPER generous with samples of gels and powerbars and stuff. (I hardly ever buy those things because I get by with free samples from races and other events.)

Bottom line — if you’re looking for a fun, well-organized, community-minded race in San Diego, I can’t recommend the Sandy Feet races enough. I would happily sign up for any of their races (except the Resolution Run) given the chance.

And just FYI, this post is 100% not sponsored. I have no affiliation with Sandy Feet Events; I’m just a fan of their races. The photo at the top is from their Facebook page.



2 thoughts on “Running in San Diego: Sandy Feet Events

  1. #willrunforwine — I can get on board with that. I base my race decisions on if there’s booze at the end…. I would totally opt for digital coupons instead of the goodie bags, I feel like that’s so much easier too!

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