Weekly Wishes: Chili Hangover Edition

Weekly Wishes December {the ponytail diaries}

I’m linking up with Melyssa at Nectar Collective today to share my wishes/goals for week. Join in!

Is chili hangover a thing? Chili hangover is a thing. Yesterday, we went to the SoNo Chili Cook-Off and it’s amazing how much 5-6 small samples of chili fill you up. My favorites were the elk chili from Bub’s and carnitas chicharron chili from City Tacos, but it’s not like any of the samples were bad. Waypoint Public’s chorizo chili with porter was tasty too, but that was the last one I tried and my stomach was starting to wave the white flag by then.

Also, Husband and I hit up just-opened Fall Brewing Friday night (try the “Beer Named Sue,” “Spirit of 77 IPA,” or “2 AM Bike Ride”), and I met a friend at just-opened Nomad Donuts (if you’re in San Diego, I’d suggest going there now. HURRY before they sell out of everything!) on Saturday.

Oh! And my homebrew is fully carbonated and ready to drink and it’s pretty good! It’s hoppy for an amber but not overly so. A little strange on the finish but I’m really pleased (and not afraid to let other people drink it, so win). How was your weekend?

Last Week’s Wishes

01 | clean out my email inbox
I got a lot of unread emails read/deleted, but still need to review and unsubscribe from unwanted subscriptions. Progress!

02 | update allisonkeltner.com
Well, I drafted some stuff/jotted down some ideas, but haven’t actually gotten it up yet. Half win?

03 | Christmas gifts + prep!!
I’m nearly done with gift-shopping! Just a couple gifts left to figure out. I do need to check my stash of Christmas wrapper paper and ribbons and stuff and see if I need to replenish anything. Definitely not achieve any significant “tidying up,” unless you count finally conquering the laundry monster that was starting to take over half the bedroom and couch. God, I hate laundry. Mainly the folding and putting away clothes bit.

Homebrewing Success {the ponytail diaries}

This Week’s Wishes

01 | full yoga classes at least twice and core work at least 5 times

02 | blog editorial calendar (both for Ponytail Diaries and AllisonKeltner.com) for the rest of the month, plus some higher-level 2015 planning
I can’t believe how soon the year’s going to end. My main goal is to sort of have all my 2015 plans set and ready to go by Christmas so I’m not scrambling between Christmas and New Years or those first few weeks of January trying to “make resolutions!” and “plan goals!” and all that shit.

03 | social media auditing
Mainly, go through Facebook and unfriend/block/unlike “friends” and pages I don’t want to deal with anymore. Sorry, random page I only liked for a giveaway, and girl from middle school who sends me Farmville requests every week (seriously, who still plays Farmville?). And then if I get on a roll I’ll look at my other accounts (I’d especially like to unfollow wedding boards on Pinterest. So married, so over wedding planning, so don’t care about centerpieces or cute bridesmaids poses).

What are your goals this week?

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes: Chili Hangover Edition

  1. Wow, those are some pretty good goals! I like the idea of doing a social media audit and getting rid of all those people! Sometimes I see people on my newsfeed and I don’t even know who they are! Good luck!

    • Thanks! Honestly, one thing that kinda bugs me when girls get married and completely drop their maiden name on Facebook — like, I know who “Lauren Johnson” is, but I have no idea who “Lauren Peters” is. And…unfriend.

  2. I didn’t even know farmville was a thing! Also, how was I not following you on bloglovin’ before?! I’m tempted to do that whole “just unfollow” thing for a more constant social media audit, but I feel like it would make me sad to see people unfollow. like, can I ask them to fill out an exit survey?

    • Haha, now I need to make sure I’m following you on bloglovin! If you can figure out a way to send social media exit surveys there are marketers out there who would make you very, very rich. And that’s also why I try not to look at follower counts too closely. I definitely don’t need to be obsessing over “why did so-and-so unfollow? WHAT DID I DO???”

      • ugh, I did it. I caved + checked out that app or whatever + discovered a bunch of people I *thought* were still my friends from college don’t follow me back. so I obviously had the same reaction.

      • Dude, every now and then I’ll be like “I haven’t seen so-and-so’s posts lately…” and check and half the time they’ve unfriended me. And then I’m like, “well, thanks…”

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend!! I’m totally going to try the donut shop this week, it’s only like a mile from our house, which might be a bad thing šŸ™‚ Best of luck on your goals! I’m working on the same strategy of trying to think about what the goals are for next year now, but haven’t been feeling motivated in that department.

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