Dear Facebook…

Dear Facebook... {the ponytail diaries}

Dear Facebook,

This isn’t one of those “it’s not you, it’s me” letters. Because it is you.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s me too.

I’ll cut right to the chase: we’re growing apart, aren’t? We’ve been growing apart for awhile. We want different things now. Different priorities.

Man, I remember when we first got together. You were so cool! All my friends thought you were the greatest. You let us all just be ourselves, you know? We could say anything we want, no worries about someone seeing or getting in trouble. Hell, the more outlandish and ridiculous we got, the better. And we were all in college, so outlandish and ridiculous was where it was at.

I admit, I wasn’t super thrilled when people started sharing pictures with you, but I got over it.

Then I went to Europe and you were seriously my lifeline. You kept me connected to everyone back home, and helped me make new friends in Copenhagen.

Really, though, that was when things started to change.

I don’t know, where you bored? Wanting to see what else was out there? I get it, I really do. I think we were all starting to think about that at that time.

When I graduate college, though, I got to know you really well. Almost intimately. I was with you practically ALL THE TIME. Certainly all day at work, which I thought was awesome. At least, that was what I told everyone. And I was learning so much about you! All your inner workings. For awhile, I was into it.

You truly were my “newsfeed.” You kept me updated on all the important things going on the in world, and what everyone in my life thought about those things. And when I was living at home and not seeing friends much anymore, you made me feel like we were still close.

Made me “feel” like we were still close. You do that so well, don’t you? Make people feel like they’re connected, like they’re being listened to.

Maybe it’s real for some people. But me? I don’t know, Facebook. I’m just tired of you. Tired of your constant changes, your “new things” that you insist everyone take part in. Tired of your exposing some of the worst of human nature. I mean, when I spend time with you now, I’m rolling my eyes more than anything.

So…I’m not saying I’m “done.” You’ve woven yourself too intricately into my life for me to quit you completely. But I think it’s time we start seeing less of each other, don’t you?



2 thoughts on “Dear Facebook…

  1. I’ve quit Facebook so many times but for some reason I always go back. I’ve even deleted my account only to reactivate it. I came so close to deleting it again recently but there were a couple companies I wanted to keep track of and Facebook is their primary site so I’ve stayed.

    • I’ve never deleted my account but I’ve been tempted — but when I was working in social media marketing, having a Facebook account was more or less required. The newsfeed algorithm has been pissing me off lately. I wish they’d give users more control over what posts they see (both from brands and friends).

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