28 Things While I’m 28: Halfway Through

28 Things to do While I'm 28 {the ponytail diaries}

My half-birthday is today.

I say this not because I still measure my age in fractions, but because that means it’s been six months since I made my “28 Things to do While I’m 28” list and maybe I should check on my progress?

Let’s a take a look:

1. Sub-4:00 marathon
Training is in progress. The marathon is in January (less than two months away!!) and I’m pretty happy with my training so far. I haven’t hit my mileage every week or nailed every workout, but my runs are feeling good and strong. I could be doing better at fitting in yoga and core work to give me even more of a boost, though.

2. Financial goals as a freelancer
I literally just went through my Income/Expenses spreadsheet and found out exactly how much I’ve made so far. It’s not a whole lot, but for the most part, it’s gone up month by month, which is good. I’ve already got some pretty awesome recurring clients, and the rest of 2014 will be focused on planning and researching and laying the groundwork so I can hit it hard in January. And probably some pitching/querying/applying as well so I can finally start collecting my 100 rejection letters.

3. Start meditating on a regular basis
Well, I did the meditation challenge with Oprah and Deepak Chopra back in August…and since then, nada. I have podcasts bookmarked. Guided meditations downloaded. But it is so damn hard to carve out just five minutes a day to sit and do nothing.

4. Have fun with my SLR.
I haven’t touched it. I’m adding “black & white film” to my Christmas list (it’s an easy stocking stuffer, people!). I have Ideas and Plans for SO MUCH PHOTOGRAPHY next year. Film photography. iPhone photography. DSLR (maybe??) photography.

5. Take one of those “Paint Night” classes
Not yet just because I haven’t pulled the trigger on one of the Groupon or Living Social deals that are up almost every day.

6. Complete The Artist’s Way
Ooof, I haven’t mentioned that I completely gave up on this after trying to get through Week 3, like, four times. I don’t know about this one, guys. I can’t figure out why it’s so hard for me to devote the time to the practice — both Morning Pages and all the weekly exercises and those damn artist dates. Maybe I can schedule some commitment to it? In Spring?

7. SUP (stand-up paddleboard) more
Nope. Sadly. Mostly because rentals cost $$$, y’all, and I’m in hard-core budget mode.

8. Run a Ragnar relay
I’ll start looking for a team that needs an extra person for SoCal in April. (Is this you? Email me! I’m good for 8:00-8:30ish miles and will bring snacks for the van!)

9. Climb things
I’ve definitely been hitting the trails a lot while running — but they’ve mostly been the same trails (mainly in Balboa Park). When I came up with this one, I was thinking stuff like climbing Cowles Mountain more and trying new trails. Husband is in favor of this. We just need to make it happen.

10. Build up this blog, move to a proper self-hosted website, and make this space more permanent and customized
January, baby.

11. Shop local as much as possible
I have not been doing this mainly because I’ve been trying to not shop at all as much as possible. Hmm, I found local honey at a farmer’s market so I’ve been getting that each month or so. There’s a tiny little yarn store where I’ve bought yarn a few times. I’ll try to find as many Christmas gifts as possible at local shops. Husband and I have also talked about getting more groceries from farmer’s markets — we used to purchase a CSA share (from Suzie’s Farm) and mostly enjoyed it, but it was a little tough when we’d get a ton of, say, eggplant every time since I don’t really like eggplant that much. But I’ve been thinking about setting a specific grocery budget, taking what we would spend on a CSA each week or month from that and buying whatever we want from farmer’s markets, then using the rest at grocery stores.

12. [secret until it’s done]
Hasn’t happened yet.

13. PR in a half marathon
This will probably happen sometime next year, but not necessarily before my birthday. We’ll see.

14. Make more food from scratch
I was doing alright at this, just sticking with some basics like hummus and pesto, and then completely fell off the wagon. I started taking some baby steps again last week — slow-cooking some beans and making a hefty batch of spinach/basil pesto and even making some bean and cheese burritos to freeze for quick lunches.

15. Finish a draft of a novel
Not yet.

16. Camp in Yosemite
Done. When can I go back?

17. Make sourdough bread from scratch
Not yet, partly because I need to plan on making the starter when I’ll be home and able to attend to it.

18. Get a DSLR and possibly take a few classes
I’ve been setting aside money here and there for a DSLR (probably this one or this one). Hopefully I can make the purchase soon!

19. Brew my own beer
It’s in bottles! Another week or two until it’s ready to drink! And I’m hoping to try again soon and do it even more independently.

20. Complete a month-long photo challenge
#AugustBreak2014. Boo-yah, as no one says anymore.

21. #100HappyDays
Oh, I’d forgotten all about this! (This is why you do check-ins, kids.) You know what? I’m gonna start today — follow along on Instagram.

22. Get crafty & try some new/different crafts
Hmm, not yet. Again, I have Ideas and Plans. But I need to see them through.

23. Read, at minimum: 12 fiction books / 12 non-fiction books / 12 biographies or autobiographies
I already blew through 12 fiction books without even realizing it. I’m only at four each on the the non-fiction and biographies/autobiographies. You can check out everything I’ve read since starting this blog here.

24. Make pasta from scratch
Not yet.

25. Knit/crochet an article of clothing that isn’t a scarf/cowl or hat
I gotta say, Elise totally inspired me with her first sweater (actually, nearly everything that woman does inspires me). I need to finish a couple Christmas gifts and then I’m going to get some cheap yarn (to relieve the pressure to make something actually wearable with nice yarn) and go for it. Maybe one of these patterns? Or a poncho?

26. Go hang-gliding at Torrey Pines
No. Because that’s expensive. Have to see if budget allows.

27. Take the Coaster from Del Mar or so to Oceanside and run back
Not yet. Maybe an upcoming long run?

28. So much more yoga
I actually decided to practice yoga every day in December. At minimum, a couple rounds of sun salutations every day. Ideally 2-3 studio classes a week and podcasts or YouTube videos other days. Again, something I was doing pretty well at — making it to the studio about twice a week for awhile — then just stopped, and struggled to make it once a week, if at all.

Look for another comprehensive update like this sometime in March or April. If I’ve learned anything from this so far, it’s that having intentions and goals are all well and good, but actually taking the time to plan doing them is key to…actually doing them.



2 thoughts on “28 Things While I’m 28: Halfway Through

  1. Happy half birthday! I love your list. I want to do a bunch of the same things.

    I made it through The Artist’s Way in 2009/2010 ish, and I loved it! It’s definitely a major commitment though. I think it helped that I started it right after college and before I had a job (i.e I had a lot of extra time on my hands).

    Good luck with everything during the next 6 months. I hope your marathon training keeps going well, I like to read sub-4:00 marathon recaps! 😉

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