Weekly Wishes: DECEMBER Edition

Weekly Wishes December {the ponytail diaries}

I’m linking up with Melyssa at Nectar Collective today to share my wishes/goals for week. Join in!

Before I get to this week’s goals, I have to share the Saga that was Black Friday for me. (Note, this is super long.)

Let me set things up. Husband, Onyx, and I left Wednesday afternoon for my grandparents’ house in LA. Onyx has been there several times, and for some reason, has a habit of either escaping from their house when left alone or causing property damaging attempting to do so. And as wonderful and understanding as my grandparents are, I have no plans to leave her unattended at their house anymore.

Which was no problem most of the weekend, except for Friday, when the guys (Husband, my dad and brothers, grandpa, uncle and cousins) would be golfing, while my mom, grandma, aunt, and I would be shopping (after sleeping in and leaving for the mall at the reasonable hour of 10AM or so). I wasn’t totally sure how we’d handle this.

Then, on Thanksgiving, a lightbulb. My aunt said we’d be going to South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa — not too far from my aunt and uncle who live in Orange County. My uncle and cousins would be among those golfing, while my aunt would just be hanging out at home (and then meeting all of us for dinner that night). They have a dog who Onyx actually seems to like playing with, we’ve stayed there with her before (so it wouldn’t be an entirely new environment), and my aunt has even stayed at our place before to pet-sit.

So, Friday morning, mom, aunt, and grandma leave for the mall, and Onyx and I head down to drop her off. We get to my aunt’s, Onyx and their dog start playing in the backyard, everything seems cool. I tell her to be a good dog and leave.

It takes less than 20 minutes to get to South Coast, and probably another 20 to actually get into the parking lot and park (I go to the valet, not realizing it’s the valet *exclusively* for Saks Fifth Avenue customers, which I am most definitely not. Luckily I’m driving my mom’s Lexus, instead of my husband’s Hyundai or my Toyota, or they never would’ve believed I was a Saks shopper). I find my mom, aunt, and grandma at Macy’s. My aunt is in line and we mill about near the clearance racks. My phone rings. Onyx has escaped through the fence. My aunt’s been chasing her through the neighborhood for half an hour.

I go back to the valet, and I think look panicked enough that they let me go even though I haven’t bought anything at Saks. Now, Onyx is something of an escape artist, and when we first got her, she got out of another pet-sitter’s garage and survived in a canyon for about four days. And I know she’s just scared about me leaving her (forever in her mind; I think she heard the car leave and decided she had to GTFO), so I figure I’ll go back, run around the neighborhood calling her for a bit, and she’ll hear me and come back. My aunt and I will hang out and then head back to my grandparents’ for dinner. No shopping for Allison, but worse things have happened.

Cut to about five hours later. I’ve spent nearly two hours hiking around a natural preserve/park near their house (in black jeans and boots, oh, and it was about 80 degrees, happy almost-December, welcome to SoCal), trekking through neighborhoods, slowly getting farther and farther from my aunt’s house. My aunt is driving around putting up LOST DOG signs and asking her neighbors to keep an eye out for Onyx. My mom, aunt, and grandma have finished shopping and are driving/walking around as well. Husband and the rest of the guys have finished golfing, driven down, and are forming search parties. It’s dark and all I can see is how fast cars are driving down not-very-well-lit main roads. I’m full-on freaking out. Also, I haven’t eaten anything save a snack-size bag of pita chips and a 100-calorie snack pack of Keebler cookies I found in my mom’s car.

Now, side note, can I just point out how unbelievably amazing my family is? With no argument or complaint (or me asking; I called my mom at one point to say they should just head back to meet everyone for dinner and she said “What are you talking about? They’re all coming down here to help look for her”), they changed plans without a second’s thought to go on a nighttime search for my crazy spaz of a dog. I was thankful for them before; there isn’t an appropriate word for my feelings now.

Anyway, my dad and I are walking through a little neighborhood park when we see my uncle up ahead. He’s on the phone and walking quickly towards us. He points and says one of his neighbors just saw Onyx near his house. I turn and take off running (in flip flops now, I had to ditch the boots). My dad and uncle start calling Husband and the other search parties.

I cross the main street and enter their little neighborhood — and Onyx comes running around the corner! I stop and call to her, but she’s freaked out like whoa and takes off across the street (of course as a car’s approaching). I chase her, telling her to “stop” and “wait” but I think the tone and volume of my voice is freaking her out more and she keeps running. I force my voice to sound a little lighter and start saying “good girl! It’s okay!” and she stops, sits, shaking, and lets me put her leash on her. My dad and uncle run up and my mom and aunt come from the other direction. We walk her back to the house and give her some water. She’s totally okay, save a ton of splinters from the fence and cactus spikes (it’s been super fun trying to pull all those out).

Thank God.

(TL;DR version: My Black Friday shopping plans got disrupted by Onyx escaping from my aunt’s house. I spent all afternoon looking for her, most of my family joined in to help, we finally tracked her down and went out for Mexican food.)

Last Week’s Wishes

01 | be ready to check out by noon on Wednesday
It was a close call, but DONE. I barely checked email or touched my laptop all weekend. It was great.

Onyx hiding under the coffee table {the ponytail diaries}

Hiding under my grandma’s coffee table


This Week’s Wishes

01 | clean out my email inbox
There’s nearly 200 unread emails in there, mostly from newsletters that I’m “saving to read later” for some stupid reason. I want to clear those out this week, AND review those pesky newsletter subscriptions and unsubscribe from “those that don’t serve me.”

02 | update allisonkeltner.com
Mainly getting some more content up there.

03 | Christmas gifts + prep!!
I LOVE shopping for Christmas gifts. I mostly get stuff online now, but I also make an effort to get at least a couple gifts for people from local stores. I have my list of what to get for whom and it’s time to start checking it off. Also, tidy up the apartment and finish with the Christmas decorations. We actually got most of the stuff out last weekend so it would all be ready when we got home last night, so there’s not too much to worry about there (also, it’s a small apartment, so there’s not much room for elaborate decorations anyway).

What are your goals this week?

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes: DECEMBER Edition

  1. Oh my gosh, your story about Onyx escaping! I would have been FREAKING out! So glad everything turned out alright. Wishing you great luck with your goals this week!


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