currently… {november 2014}

Currently... November 2014 {the ponytail diaries}

loving | my long run last Sunday.
Wait, let me discuss this a minute. I skipped my previous long run because I was feeling icky and then last week running was pretty meh overall. So it was with much reluctance and “well, guess I have to get this over with” that I started my 17-miler on Sunday. The funny thing about long runs is even the first four miles seems to take forrrrrevvvvverrrr, partly because I’m running at a slower pace and partly because I’m completely obsessed with how far I have to run. But it was a nice day (pleasantly warm, perfect SD fall weather) and my legs were feeling good and I was ACTUALLY TAKING FUEL PROPERLY (at least it seemed like I was). I gave myself a pep talk, saying “okay chick, *you’re* the only one forcing yourself out here. No one will care if you don’t do this or drop the marathon or anything. You’re *choosing* to spend your Sunday doing this. No one’s fault but your own that you’re dodging tourists near the Midway right now.” (My pep talks are super uplifting, no?)

And I just kept going, keeping my pace nice and easy, trying not to think about how ridiculous it was that I was voluntarily spending 3 hours running (it really is a silly thing, I know). Then, with about 4-ish miles to go, I started noticing my legs felt pretty great. My stride felt fluid and easy. And when I realized I had cut too much of a diagonal at one point and was 2 miles from home when I still had almost 3 to run — I turn right instead of going straight to add on a bit! Geez, who am I?

Anyway, that run renewed all my motivation and excitement for the marathon and eight or so weeks left of training.

Also, I’m loving hot chocolate a lot right now. Back to the list!

reading | girly fiction = chick lit, YA, historical fiction/romance. It’s a season of abundance and excess, what can I say?

listening | everything from buffalo springfield to “old” miranda lambert (her debut album). I’m nothing if not eclectic. (I just made my dad simultaneously beam with pride and shake his head.)

planning | Thanksgiving travel. Black Friday shopping. Christmas decorations. Christmas presents. Christmas events.

celebrating | Los Gigantes, of course. And now, Panda-watching (translation: Pablo Sandoval, Giants 3rd baseman and the reason why thousands of San Franciscans wear panda hats, is a free agent, meaning he’s available to negotiate a contract and sign with any team he likes. He played out of his mind in the postseason so several teams — with big bank accounts — are interested. We’re waiting to see if he signs with the Giants or not because the rest of their off season kinda hinges on that.)

laughing | at/with my husband. literally everyday. I’ve always loved the ones who make me laugh the most.

waiting | for my homebrew! It’ll still be a few more weeks — we’re dry-hopping again tonight and bottling on Sunday, then it needs to sit (unrefrigerated) in bottles for a couple weeks. excited!!!

trying | to get up earlier (and mostly failing)

drinking | Karl Strauss Peanut Butter Stout & Belching Beavers Pumpkin Spice Milk Stout. I’m not a stout girl for the most part, but Belching Beaver’s milk stout and anything they make with that as a base (like their peanut butter stout) is solid.

bookmarking/pinning/tweeting/sharing | this oreo-peanut butter-ice cream concoction. this notebook hack. this quote. this inconceivable couple’s halloween costume (next year, Husband…). this truth-filled launch story. this photoshop tutorial. this recipe for homemade bagels (yes, really).





3 thoughts on “currently… {november 2014}

  1. I agree with you that the first 4 miles of a long run take FOREVER! For me, I can always tell by mile 12 if I have fueled properly. If I haven’t, the rest of the run is not fun. Nice job doing 17+!

    Now, I need to go follow the homemade bagel link…:)

    • Fueling is still so touch and go for me. All I’ve figured out, I think, is that I’m usually underfueled during long runs. It seems like taking a gel or something every 5-ish miles is a good strategy (for now, at least).

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