Weekly Wishes: Get on the Mat Edition

Weekly Wishes

I’m linking up with Melyssa at Nectar Collective today to share my wishes/goals for week. Join in!

Last week was a busy one. I was more or less exhausted by the end of each day — but, for the most part, exhausted from working hard on things I enjoyed (except for laundry. That ish wears me out and not in a good way). And now I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel that is Thanksgiving and Christmas and that’s making me all sorts of happy.

Last Week’s Wishes

01 | yoga at least twice
Nope. Not even. Big fail on this.

02 | give onyx a bath
Done and done. She is all clean and brushed now! And can’t wait until I let her run in the park so she can roll in the dirt again.

03 | check out a couple Beer Week events
Well, we went out a couple times — to bars and everything! — but not to official Beer Week events. I’m still counting this as a half-win.

04 | write some fiction
Damn, nope.

05 | get back to the gym
Nailed it. Spoiler alert, lifting weights is still boring as hell. So I finally started listening to Serial like everyone else, and after two episodes made myself stop and convince my husband to start listening so I’d have someone to talk to about it. I’m up to episode 5 now.


This Week’s Wishes

01 | yoga at least twice

02 | make some progress on my planner for next year
Last year, I got frustrated that I just couldn’t find a daily planner that I like that didn’t cost like $50. So I bought a blank notebook and made my own. And this year I want to do the same thing, but with some tweaks. The thing is drawing out the lines for each week/month takes FOR-EV-ER.

03 | write some fiction

What are your goals this week?

The Nectar Collective




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