Oh Hey, Friday! | 5 (More) Moments of Gratitude

5 Moments of Gratitude {the ponytail diaries}

Five more things I’m thankful for this week because #gratitude and all that.

1 | Health
Last weekend and earlier this week, I was…afflicted…with these weird stomach cramps. Almost like hunger pangs but not really. And they’re gone now and were no big deal, but those two days when running was basically out of the question and I was almost tempted to diagnose myself with stomach cancer (because I’m nothing if not melodramatic when I’m not feeling well) — well, they sucked. So I’m super happy and grateful to be back to normal. (I’m also grateful my brother’s in med school because FREE MEDICAL ADVICE FOR LIFE.)

2 | Family

3 | Rain
Besides the fact that we’re in a terrible, awful, no good, very bad drought, rain means I can get away with not washing my truck a little longer. (I still desperately need to clean and vacuum the interior, but whatevs.)

4 | People with too much time on their hands
Because otherwise we’d never have the Shake It Off/Aerobics video that everyone’s been sharing for the past 2 weeks.

5 | Spotify
Really, music and streaming services in general, but especially Spotify because I love being able to listen to entire albums. Like if I want to listen to everything Ella + Louis, I can do that. Or if I’m on a Hendrix kick, I’m good. I can’t listen to T-Swift, of course, but I think I can find other artists in the meantime.



2 thoughts on “Oh Hey, Friday! | 5 (More) Moments of Gratitude

  1. The first part of my comment has nothing to do with your post, but your about me. I too quote FRIENDS in just about every situation so I’m excited to have stumbled upon your little piece of the internet!

    I’m glad you don’t have stomach cancer. I too am melodramatic, but I blame the internet. It’s just too easy to Google symptoms and discover the worst.

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