Oh Hey, Friday! | 5 Moments of Gratitude

5 Moments of Gratitude {the ponytail diaries}

I decided that I’m gonna jump on the #gratitude #grateful #thankful train this month (because bandwagon-ing yay!). Honestly though, I’ve had a pretty stellar week and I want to recognize some of the things that have been going well. Consider it practice for the 52 Week Gratitude Challenge I’ll be doing next year.

1 | I’m grateful I lived with my parents (rent-free) for a year after college
Because I did that, even though I had a full-time job on the peninsula but knew my stay in the Bay Area would be a year max (and therefore not worth trying to find an apartment), I managed to basically pay “rent” to my savings account every month. And that’s largely why Husband and I have the savings cushion that allowed me to quit my job earlier this year and pursue this whole freelancing thing full-time. (Plus, my parents are pretty cool, and there were definitely worse living options out there.)

2 | I’m grateful for last-minute assignments
Because, not only did I get a chance to practice my interviewing skills (which are a work in progress), it showed some faith and trust in my writing.

3 | I’m grateful for my husband
He’s pretty awesome. And so amazingly supportive as I throw all our plans and finances for a bit of a loop. And he makes me laugh.

4 | I’m grateful for libraries
Because my reading has skyrocketed thanks to “deadlines” (due dates).

5 | I’m grateful for gingerbread lattes




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