Oh Hey, Friday! | 5 Random Thoughts

5 Random Thoughts {the ponytail diaries}

It’s been something of a crazy week and it’s gonna be a crazy running- and World Series-filled weekend so here’s what I got for ya today.

1 | I’m never more aware of my introversion than on vacations or when entertaining out-of-town guests
Husband’s parents were here for the week (they’re on their way to the airport now) and it was a blast seeing them, but by the end of each day I. Was. Exhausted. We got home at 9:00 last night and I couldn’t believe it wasn’t past 11:00. Similarly, after getting home from Chicago a couple weeks ago I just wanted to curl up on the couch and rest for a day. I’ve always known I was an introvert, so reading Quiet a couple years ago wasn’t the “revelation” for me that it was for some people, but it did make me more aware of the fact that it takes physical energy just to be around other people for hours and hours on end.

2 | I’m cleaning my desk today
I AM I AM I AM. Mostly because I have so much nervous energy over Game 3 and it would be better channeled towards obsessive organizing than writing.

3 | I literally cannot handle this and this
True story: Night 1 of my bachelorette party was at a Giants game (God bless my bridesmaids for doing that for me). We had a sign that said “SHE’LL CALL OFF THE WEDDING FOR POSEY.” Husband understood.
(love u buster)

4 | How to make it sound like the Giants “deserve” to win the World Series just as much as the Royals (only not)
Because the Royals haven’t won for 30 years or whatever and the Giants have won twice since 2010 and apparently the entire country is rooting for the Royals and I’m all “I really, really, really want the Giants to sweep at home because they haven’t gotten to win at home yet.” (They were on the road in Texas when they won in 2010 and in Detroit in 2012.) Come on guys. Don’t make San Franciscans wait at AT&T Park until 3:00 in the morning for the team bus to arrive from the airport.

5 | I still haven’t totally figured out using tags in WordPress
Like, I know I should use them, but I’m not always entirely sure what tags to use and not use, and half the time I forget anyway. Same with categories. Whoops.





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