Weekly Wishes: Deep Breath, Get to Work Edition

Weekly Wishes {the ponytail diaries}

I’m linking up with Melyssa at Nectar Collective today to share my wishes/goals for week. Join in!

Ahhh, I love unplugging for the weekend. My grandpa’s birthday was last week so we spent the weekend at a cabin in the middle of nowhere, where we totally had electricity and running water and satellite TV (so I was able to watch the Giants game) but no wi-fi and very spotty 3G service, so I just left my phone on airplane mode and used it as a camera only. It was wonderful.

Last Week’s Wishes

01 | set a budget / take care of some financial stuff
Ehhhh, not really. No.

02 | master some social media management
I want to give myself a little credit here, but…still not where I want to be.


I mean, who needs wi-fi when you have this?

This Week’s Wishes

01 | still work on last week’s goals
I think I’m going to declare one day this week…maybe Wednesday…”financial planning & shit” day. Just get it all done in one shot. And Thursday will be “social media & shit” day. Included in that? Tracking my numbers (follower counts, interactions, blog visits, etc.). Yay spreadsheets!

02 | clean/organize/tidy/decorate the apartment
My desk is a complete disaster. We have a canvas leaning up against the wall in the hallway (which occasionally falls over and freaks the eff out of Onyx) that needs to be hung. Oh, and there’s a pile of clean (!!) clothes in the corner of the bedroom. ALL WILL BE TAKEN CARE OF BY THE WEEKEND.

03 | continue to update/tweak this blog and my website
Still gotta add some copy and blog posts to the new site. And on here, I’m going to add a “Work With Me” and “Resources/Recommendations” page (sort of in preparation for adding more affiliate links and brand partnerships down the road, and also just to share some of my favorite things that I think you should get/buy/use).

04 | yoga at least twice

05 | 100 Rejection Letters Kick-Off!
After much internal debate I decided to go for it with this program and I’m super excited to push myself and work with/learn from some awesome people and hopefully make some serious headway on the lofty goals I have for the next 12 months and beyond. You can still register!

Oh yeah, also, Skillshare is having a giveaway to promote their new photography classes. It’s one of those where I get more entries if people enter using my custom link, so if you want a lifetime Skillshare membership / iPhone 6+ and a bunch of cool phone-ography stuff, you should totally enter here.

What are your goals this week?

The Nectar Collective



4 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes: Deep Breath, Get to Work Edition

  1. Hi Allison! You’re like the third person I’ve seen mention the “100 Rejection Letters”, I may have to take a gander! 🙂

    Also, I love to see that everyone’s blog is a work in progress and I’m not the only one always trying to improve.

    Finally, I have a yoga card with two sessions left. You just reminded me to use them before they expire. Yay!

    Good luck with all of your wishes for the week!! I look forward to hearing that you accomplished them. 🙂

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