Oh Hey, Friday! | My Favorite 90s Movies

Oh, the 90s. How could you ever hate on a decade that started with Nirvana and ended with the Spice Girls? I ask you, how??

Remember when VH1 had all those “I Love the [Decade]” shows for awhile, where they’d get a bunch of mostly B- and C-list celebrities to “reminisce” about the various fads and trends of each year of a decade? I think they started with “I Love the 70s” then “I Love the 80s” and I made fun of my uncle, saying “You know, I’m gonna feel really old when they come out with ‘I Love the 90s.'”

They did “I Love the 90s” about six months later. Damn.

Maybe we can trace our generation’s early-onset nostalgia to awful VH1 recaps of our childhood?

My Favorite 1990s Movies

1 | 10 Things I Hate About You
We got to watch this in sophomore English in high school because it’s totally the same as reading The Taming of the Shrew.

Heath Ledger 10 Things I Hate About You GIF

RIP Heath


2 | Ever After
Such a better version of Cinderella. Let’s see more women telling off princes and using swords and literally carrying said princes on their backs.

Ever After GIF


3 | Clueless
If you can’t appreciate what this movie did for pop culture, there’s probably something wrong with you. Like seriously wrong.

Clueless GIF


4 | Never Been Kissed
I swear, I’m not really that into Drew Barrymore, but she sure had a good string of films going in the 90s, right? Right?

Never Been Kissed GIF


5 | The Sandlot
This is also on my list of top 5 favorite movies OF ALL TIME. So there’s that. I can recite at least 90% of it word-for-word. Husband absolutely loves watching it with me.

The Sandlot

I watched this on ABC Family a while ago and THEY CUT THE S’MORE SCENE. WTF.


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