Coming Soon-ish: 52 Week Gratitude Challenge

52-Week Gratitude Challenge (coming soon-ish) {the ponytail diaries}

In the corporate world, we’ve just begun Q4. When I worked for a real estate company, this meant buckling down because no one moves or rents apartments this time of year but we still have revenue goals and we must make them, dammit.

It also meant full-on looking towards the next year. Planning budgets, reviewing this year’s progress, and, my absolute least favorite thing of all, performance evaluations.

For us, performance evals didn’t just mean rating ourselves on a scale of 1 – 5 to indicate how well we “manage time effectively” or “communicate well with co-workers.” We also had to set at least 5 goals for ourselves to achieve next year. Often my boss would tell us what our goals would be, depending on upcoming projects and initiatives (like one year my co-worker’s main goal was probably “lead marketing efforts on 3 lease-ups” because, guess what, there were three new buildings in development that would need to get filled with tenants).

The thing is, with some exceptions, these were really empty practices because we’d make these goals and then the next year would hit and all these surprise projects and new directions would pop-up and we’d end up just desperately trying to keep up and tossing those goals aside.

I say all this because, while I do think corporate annual reviews or performance evaluations or whatever you want to call them are largely a joke, I also think that taking some time to set some intentions and get purposeful about where you’re going in the weeks and months and years to come can and should be a worthwhile exercise. (Revolutionary thought, right there.)

So I’ve decided not to participate in Blogtober14 (though I may still use a couple of the prompts and hop around to some new blogs) so I can put some energy this month towards planning the rest of the year and setting some crazy big goals for 2015.

Starting with this 52-Week Gratitude Challenge I saw a couple weeks ago. I love the idea of keeping a gratitude journal, though I’ve never been successful at actually keeping one, but I really love the idea of setting aside some time each week with a prompt to guide my gratitude.

I’m starting the week of December 21st. Because Christmas always fills me with those warm fuzzies, so it’ll be easy to start then, and I’ll feel like I’m getting a head-start on the New Year Resolution-ers. And because I’ll end right before or around Christmas in 2015 and for some reason that seems fitting.

And why not just jump in now? Well, because I want to focus hard on some business-building projects between now and the end of the year, and with that and marathon training and everything else on my plate right now, adding something else — even something as positive and abundant as an intentional gratitude practice — just seems like a lot.

Also because I really like setting future “start dates” for things because I really enjoy the anticipation part of the experience. There’s something to just diving in, but there can be equal value in circling a date on the calendar and counting down the days until you get to start. Like making paper chains to count down to Christmas. Or something…

Anyone with me on this?




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3 thoughts on “Coming Soon-ish: 52 Week Gratitude Challenge

    • Go for it! I think it just depends on whether or not you can maintain motivation throughout the process — for some, having a set period of time to both plan and look forward to starting makes it easier.

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