Rich, Wealthy, Successful

What does rich, wealthy, and successful look like? {the ponytail diaries}

I read this post from Braid Creative and it got me thinking. I’ve already been thinking a ton about what direction I want to take this freelance career and more importantly, why.

So this is a good first step — figuring out how I define being “rich, wealthy, and successful” so I can make sure that what I’m doing is putting me on the track to get there.

This isn’t exactly a complete picture, but for now? Here’s what being rich, wealthy, and successful looks like to me:

  • a wardrobe of sustainably-made clothes, purchased from local shops and small businesses
  • high-quality, fresh coffee beans and luxe tea in the kitchen
  • going to the doctor, dentist, whatever without any anxiety that “something” will come up that needs expensive (unaffordable) treatment
  • organic (local) groceries
  • wine clubs
  • a MacBook Pro and DSLR
  • unlimited membership to a yoga studio with a strong community
  • eating out, ranging from the hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint to brunches to dinners — and picking up the tab for our friends
  • being able to send my future kids to college without saddling them with student loan debt
  • lots and lots of dogs
  • living in a place where I frequently run into people I know and like — at the store, the coffeeshop, the park, the movies, restaurants, wherever
  • having a wide and supportive social circle
  • friends who take turns hosting dinner and holiday parties and plan trips together
  • always spending holidays, birthdays, and special occasions with laughter, love, and great food and drink
  • multiple vacations each year — seeing our families and new places, instead choosing just one or two trips because we don’t have the vacation hours to take time off work
  • regularly using high-end skincare and beauty products
  • an energy-efficient, space-conscious home with solar panels, a greywater system, local, environmentally-friendly materials, and all the other sustainable stuff my husband keeps telling me about
  • donating to charities in amounts that get our names on plaques or bricks
  • getting new clients solely from referrals from happy clients who looooove me
  • working with clients who I love and who have businesses I genuinely believe in
  • getting emails asking to “pick my brain” (though hopefully with less graphic cliches) because people know that I’m knowledgeable, helpful, and generous with my time
  • the time to volunteer
  • speaking or giving presentations at events for writers, students, freelancers, etc.
  • the NY Times bestseller list
  • getting interviewed by Terry Gross on Fresh Air
  • having a waitlist of clients — and being able to refer them to talented peers because I’m all about sharing the success
  • setting my own schedule, and not having to work during the time I want to be spending with my family
  • mentoring someone

Geez, I could go on. Will I achieve all of that? Well, probably not.

Will I be a failure if I don’t? No.

But will I be supremely disappointed with myself down the line if I don’t keep this in mind and keep striving for it? Hell yeah.

The point of this exercise isn’t that I build up some ridiculously unrealistic, perfect vision of what my life “should” be in my head. It’s to get me clear on what I want (simple, high-quality products that add to my and my family’s well-being, social support, being able to be generous, time to enjoy life and have memorable experiences) and what I don’t (a bunch of “things” and junk that weigh me down) so when I’m making decisions about my business, I’m choosing the options that point me in this direction.

I have soooo much else to say on this and related topics — I’ve got a lot I want to accomplish in the rest of 2014 and I’m already thinking about how I want to shape 2015, so expect more on this!

Let’s get some discussions going. What does “rich, wealthy, and successful” look like to you? Leave a comment, email me, or post on your own blog and link back here or whatever!

again, huge hat tip to Braid Creative for getting me thinking on this




3 thoughts on “Rich, Wealthy, Successful

  1. Love this list and what an interesting way to look a life goals! I have to say some of the things on your list would be on mine too 🙂 Do you have a clothing store recommendation? I’ve just started into trying to move away from “box” store clothing, and would love any local recommendations.

    • Unfortunately I can’t give any “strong” recommendations for local shops since I’m still trying to do the same 🙂 There’s cute stuff at Pretty Please in Hillcrest that’s not too expensive (and they have decent sales pretty often).

      In North Park, look along University in between 30th St. and the 805. Hillcrest along 5th and 6th St (I think), and South Park along Fern has some cute shops. North Park and Normal Heights have a lot of thrift/vintage shops too.

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