When It’s Time for a Change: Apartment Makeover

"New" Living Room Nearly Finished

So I’ve mentioned that Husband and I undertook a little project last weekend.

We cleaned our carpets and completely flipped around the layout of our living room.

My landlords put new carpet in when I moved in a little over three years ago.

I’ve done precious little to care for it since, save sprinkling that baking soda pet odor powder occasionally when vacumming (not often enough).

When I discovered this last April:

Clean vs. Dirty Carpet

I know, so gross. I’m sorry. (mom please don’t get mad at me for sharing this with the Internet)

…we started talking about getting it cleaned.

But then April became May, then June, then July, and we flat-out did not have a free weekend to get that done.

Last weekend we were finally free.

So we got up early-ish on Saturday and started picking everything up and either piling it on the couch or moving it outside.

Junk piled on the couchFurniture and stuff on the patio

Then Husband went to Home Depot to rent a Rug Doc and I took Onyx to a coffee shop to work-slash-keep her out of the way (she’s not a fan of the vacuum, I imagine she wouldn’t be thrilled with the Rug Doc either).

We got back to a cleaner, slightly damp carpet (which dried pretty quickly, thanks to the insane heat we’re still getting).

And started turning this:

Old Living Room Setup

into this:

New Living Room Set-up

In a nutshell, the couch got flipped around (we had to take it apart and reassemble it to reverse the L-shape), the IKEA stacked bookcases next to the kitchen got split up — the shorter one is now an entertainment unit; the taller one is behind/to the right of where I was when taking this photo and acting as a room divider (you can see that in the top photo). The TV eventually got placed over the bookshelf/entertainment unit above on the left and is easier to view from the kitchen (which is awesome when cooking dinner). Our little bar-height table is roughly where the couch used to be in a distinct “dining area.”

And behind/to the left of where I was when taking the above photo…

My New Workspace

We have my new workspace! I’m now closer to the sliding door and patio, which means my natural light, while still not great, is improved. And since it’s so open to my left, I love having the wall in front of me to put up an “inspiration board” of sorts. Obviously I’m still working on that and organizing all my crap (it’s a constant work in progress).

Change is good, guys.



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