Weekly Wishes: Bring on “Fall” Edition

Weekly Wishes {ponytail diaries}

I’m linking up with Melyssa at Nectar Collective today to share my wishes/goals for week. Join in!

Quotations around “Fall” in the title because we don’t really get Fall in San Diego. It’s been in the mid-high 70s all weekend and it. has. been. glorious. Last week I was convinced it would never go below 80 degrees ever again, so 77 feels like absolute heaven.

And now it’s a new month! I love when the first of the month falls on Monday, for some reason. Like everything aligns for new resolutions and goals and whatever.

Last Week’s Wishes

01 | build out the site content
Got a draft of my Welcome page! And some brainstorming notes for Services and About! baby steps…

02 | pick up my needles again
Yes! I gave this pattern a try, got almost 50 rows into it, decided it sucked and took everything apart to start over. This color-switching technique (intarsia, I guess?) is brand new to me and being left-handed makes following YouTube tutorials and patterns tricky. But I will keep trying, dammit, because I love the pattern and have the perfect colors (deep red and a light tan) for it. One day I will finish it and it will be pretty. I also did some Ravelry and Pinterest searches for some fun holiday patterns (I want to try a simple Christmas stocking soon).

03 | do some core work every day
2 out of 7? Yeah, I’ll work on it. (core work suuucks…)

Weekly Wishes Instagram Collage

A broken Garmin = most runners’ worst nightmare. Luckily mine still works fine, just needed a $16 replacement band.

This Week’s Wishes

01 | write more fiction
This is actually a big idea I had a couple days ago — to start a “Sunday Storytelling” feature here on the blog, where I share a piece of fiction or excerpt from something I’m working on/have written in the past each week. I feel totally unprepared to write stuff for other people to read, but I also know that fear and the feedback I (hopefully) receive will be one of the best ways to improve. So…look for that next Sunday?

02 | launch my professional site (monthly goal)
Yes. By September 30th, allisonkeltner.com will be up and running and complete.

What are your goals this week?

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Wishes: Bring on “Fall” Edition

  1. Hi, I’m visiting from the link-up.
    Wish you the best of lucks in launching your site 😀
    Also I hope you can achieve all your weekly wishes!
    Greetings, have a nice day ♥.

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