August Reading Round-Up

August Reading Round-Up

I feel like I read a lot more than I apparently actually did this month. Not sure what’s up with that, but anyway…

 The Subtle KnifeThe Subtle Knife

So…I feel like this suffers from Second Book Syndrome. That’s something I just made up, but go with me. You read the first book in a trilogy and it’s SO AWESOME and you CAN’T WAIT to read the next book, and then you do and it’s like…a bunch of filler to get you to the final book. And they ALWAYS end on this insane cliffhanger.

That said, I still thoroughly enjoyed wrapping my head around this world Pullman created and I’m DYING to read the third book (it’s waiting for me at the library now) to see how it all ends.

Reading Lolita in TehranReading Lolita in Tehran

Okay. I think this is a good book for people to read, 10 years ago and still today. Parts of it were totally fascinating and gripping and readable. Parts of it were…not so much.

I have two main problems with this book. One, it’s really really tough for writers to get enough emotional distance to write a memoir well. I thought the same think last year when I read some book I forget the name of about a girl who grew up with an addicted mother. I read the entire book waiting to feel at least a little of the emotional connection between the author and her mother, which she said was there and was why she put up with so much awful shit her entire childhood and adolescence, and I never felt or saw it myself.

Same thing here. While reading, I knew that the author was outraged and hurt and upset over everything that was happening in Iran in the 80s and 90s, but I never really felt it.

Two, maybe this is my fault for not knowing my world history better, but I know next to nothing about the events of the Islamic Revolution. And the way she talked about those events, it was like she expected readers to have lived them. Dropping in names without any context, jumping all over the place in the timeline…I had no idea when each chapter was happening.

The Book ThiefThe Book Thief

The best for last! Okay, I started reading this back in May, and kept picking it up and putting it down as I read other books. It was a little slow at first, but once I got into it, I was in. The last few chapters had me almost in tears. So good. So worth it.

So if you’re like me and put off reading the bestsellers for years…stop. Read this one.

What does it say about me that I can go on and on about books I’m not a huge fan of, but can’t find much to say about the ones I love?

Currently and Upcoming…

I have a stack of library books that will probably all be getting renewed next week. And like 3 more on the hold shelf that I need to pick up. I really should stop checking out so many books because I have a bookshelf full right here I want/need to read to! But here’s what I’m looking at in the immediate future:

John Steinbeck, the Errant Knight (just started this one)

In Cold Blood

Brain on Fire

Her Royal Spyness (yeah, for some reason this caught my eye on Goodreads? And I thought I’d try something I’d never really consider reading normally?)


Fiction: 7/12
Biographies: 1/12
Non-fiction: 2/12

What have you read/are you reading lately?

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2 thoughts on “August Reading Round-Up

  1. I’ve read the Pullman series and liked it! I’ve also read the Book Thief and thought it was very good! I will have to look at your to read list…I don’t recognize any of those!! I recently finished The Husband’s Secret and flew though that one, it was very engaging I thought.

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