90s Time Machines, Modern Hippies, & Cold-Brew Cocktails

Links 8/10 - "the only people for me at the mad ones - mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved" -Jack Kerouac

Clockwise from top left…

I would totally get this if A) it was silver B) the band was a brighter, fun color C) it was waaaaaay less expensive D) the martini glass was a beer, wine, or margarita glass. But still totally love it

My, but this cocktail sounds heavenly.

So fun! If I was halfway decent at taking food photos!

I mean, I don’t need this, but I, like, totally need it.

Confession: I (half-jokingly) tend to disparage “hippies.” As in, good Lord, take a shower and realize that reggae sucks, please. (Yes, I’m a judgmental bitch. I’ve made my peace with it.) Yet I love tie-dye clothes more than anyone over the age of 8 should, and then I turn around and find myself rinsing out eggshells so I can add them to our compost bin. So I had to laugh as I read this list and realized how many things I already do or would be totally open trying.

I think I just really love reading about other people’s productivity techniques. Even though I’m nowhere close to figuring out the “perfect” technique for me, knowing there are SO MANY options out there to try and adapt and learn from gives me faith I’ll figure it out one day.

Random, but fun: Need to fill a text block with “Lorem ipsum…”? Try this text generator instead. Trust me.

Great photography tips for sharper photos.

I am sooo not a fashion girl, but lately I’ve been trying to think more about what I want and don’t want in my closet, so I really enjoyed this interview about creating a seasonal “capsule” wardrobe.

Meditation: Don’t make it more serious than it has to be.

Oh my God, everyone needs to watch this:

Have a STELLAR weekend. Not great, not awesome, not exciting — STELLAR. Do it.


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