Scattered Thoughts

Steve Miller Band and Journey Concert in Lake Tahoe

You know how you come back from vacation and you should be all refreshed and ready to dive back into work? But really, your brain is still a little fried from the sun and your liver is still processing all the margaritas and all you see are the unspeakably high numbers in your inbox and Feedly and you want to say “…fuck it.”

That’s where I am right now. I’m trying to get back on track, figure out what should even be on my to-do list, and find my motivation. In the meantime, I have just a bunch of random thoughts to share.

>> Even though it’s not like I was disconnected last week (whenever we were at the cabin, the TV was on and I was online, either via my phone or computer, and we were even in the Bay Area market), I have no idea what’s going on with the Giants. Did they release Uggla? Is Cain getting surgery or not? Are they still in second place?

This is why I can’t fathom following football or basketball that closely. Keeping up with a baseball team from March through September/October is EXHAUSTING. I need an off-season as much as the players do.

>> Watching Onyx track and catch flies is endlessly amusing. She’s getting pretty good at it too.

>> I’m convinced one of the absolute worst parts of being an adult is washing dishes. Every. Damn. Day. Husband and I were talking about how, one day, if it’s financially feasible, we would love to get a housekeeper to come weekly or even just monthly to handle some cleaning. And I said, “But really, most of the weekly or monthly tasks, like vacuuming, aren’t that big a deal…I want someone to come daily to wash the dishes and keep the kitchen from getting gross.” I don’t think that’s an option, unless I have a full-time servant (maid? butler?), and we’re definitely not going that route.

>> I’m generally open to music — since Husband broke down my country prejudice, I’ll give most anything at least a cursory listen — but, with very few exceptions, I absolutely cannot stand electronica/house/DJ-type stuff. I have a hard time even calling a lot of it “music.” I was reading about Tomorrowland, an electronic/dance music festival in Belgium, and even though I LOVE concerts and music festivals, all I could think was “that sounds like the worst thing ever.”

>> Since I started working from home, I’ve gotten (surprisingly) more resistant to running errands and grocery shopping. I thought they would get easier — I can go in the morning, or after lunch, or anytime I want and avoid the after-work crowds! — but now I just see them as interruptions to the flow I’m trying to establish in my work. Luckily Husband is often willing to stop by the store on his way home from work (which makes me feel bad, because his commute is terrible) so we don’t starve or end up eating stale crackers.

>> Last month, even when it was exceptionally hot, I was still brewing 2-3 cups of hot tea a day. The past couple days, it’s been both hot and miserably (for San Diego) humid. So I drew the line and started brewing a larger cup of tea, then sticking the cup in the fridge or freezer and turning it into iced tea. It worked great this morning, because I brewed it quickly before yoga and by the time I got home, it was cold and delicious. But I’m thinking the delayed gratification might get annoying. I should make a big batch to keep in the fridge and have on hand, but that would involve digging the beverage dispenser/jug out from the back of the fridge and washing it and, well… (see above). It’s been shoved back there for a few months now. It’s probably got mold. I should probably just toss it and get another one.

That’s everything my still-on-vacation brain can muster.



2 thoughts on “Scattered Thoughts

  1. It can be hard to get back into a routine…that is for sure. This week was the first week we have really been home since my job ended and I slept the first 2 days away for the most part (whoops)! Hope things are more smooth for you by now 🙂

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