July Reading Round-Up

July Reading {ponytail diaries}

I’d call July successful, reading-wise. (Note that this post doesn’t reflect any of what I’ve read at Tahoe this week.)

Read in July

The Golden Compass

Somehow I missed reading these when I was a kid. I picked the first one up when Peter Sagal mentioned it on a Nerdette podcast a little while ago. And guys? Holy crap these are good! I found book two at the library and I can’t wait to tear through it.

Jessica Darling’s It List

So I absolutely love the original Jessica Darling books. I was less than thrilled with Megan McCafferty’s next YA offering (Bumped), but I still couldn’t resist this when I saw it. And, surprisingly, I really enjoyed it. For one, it certainly reads fast. And two, it was fun to see what Jessica and the other Pineville characters were like in middle school. And three, yes, I’m going to read the next one in this mini-series when it comes out later this year.

Something Borrowed

Something about the summer makes me reach for predictable chick lit. I started out enjoying this one, but somewhere around 2/3 of the way through, I got slightly bored and really annoyed by all the characters. I absolutely hate cheating and I have no respect for A) people in relationships who pursue affairs and B) people who knowingly go after someone who’s in a relationship, happy or not. So I couldn’t muster any sympathy for Rachel, even when it was so blatantly obvious that Darcey was this awful, horrible bitch who’s somehow still a good friend? I still finished it, because by the time the frustration set in, I was far enough in that I wanted to see it through. And I was having fun making fun of the characters to Husband.


So, first: I enjoyed this. Really. The thing is, Arianna didn’t have to sell me on her central concept (that the parameters we use for success in our culture are at best, incomplete, and at worst, supremely messed up), so I was expecting just to see a bunch of anecdotes and stuff telling us to sleep more and meditate and spend time with loved ones. I believe all of that wholeheartedly and it’s a large part of why I left my last job. But, even though none of the information was earth-shattering or new information to me (get enough sleep! meditation is good! volunteering is amazing! unplug and be present!), it was good to read all of it packaged together. I finished reading thinking I totally could and will volunteer more and start meditating and all that jazz.

In Progress and Upcoming

Reading Lolita in Tehran

The Book Thief

The Subtle Knife

Still Life with Bread Crumbs

How to Buy a Love of Reading

Gone with the Wind

Fiction: 5/12
Biographies: 1/12
Non-fiction: 1/12

What have you read/are you reading lately? Also: any good suggestions for biographies or autobiographies?

No affiliate links here, I just threw them up to be nice.



2 thoughts on “July Reading Round-Up

  1. I’ve read the Golden Compass and I’ve read The Book Thief, but that is all on your list 😉 I’ve actually finished a few books in the last couple of weeks! I feel like since I started blogging I’ve fallen off on my book reading. I just finished The Help (like 5 years behind everyone else), Me Before You, and The Interestings.

    • I LOVED The Help! It’s one of the few I want to re-read at some point. I’ve been wanting to read The Interestings even though I’ve heard mixed reviews of it – what did you think?

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