What’s in My Beach Bag?

What's in My Beach Bag? {ponytail diaries}

There’s probably no way in hell I’ll ever show people what’s actually in my purse (it’s not that interesting and mostly junk), but since I’m spending most of this week stretched out on a towel, I figured sharing my beach bag would be appropriate (and totally fascinating and enlightening for you. You’re welcome).

Everything in My Beach Bag

The Bag

Is an old Lucky Brand bag I’ve had for years. It definitely fills up with sand and I can’t really put wet stuff in there, but I love it.

Everything In It



Tic tacs — because gum melts

Hair ties


Chapstick (if I was ever a POW and had information, all they’d have to do is deprive me of Chapstick for a day or two and I’ll tell everything)

Sunscreen — derr. And it’s in a plastic bag in case it leaks.

Water bottle — gotta stay hydrated. And I’m absolutely not above refilling it from the drinking fountain next to the bathrooms.




Cover up — this will vary throughout the week, between various sundresses and shorts/tank top combos.

READING MATERIALS (obviously the most important items) — ever since I was little, beach time = reading time. I relish the chance to devour book after book and magazine after magazine during the week. I’ve got a few months worth of running magazines that have stacked up, a bunch of library books I’m working through, and a few from my bookshelf. Just hope I don’t read everything before the week is up (yes, this is a real concern).

What do you always bring to the beach?



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