Airports, Donuts, Housewives, & Freshmen

Link Round-Up 7-27 {ponytail diaries}

Advice for writer’s block I’ve actually not heard before.

Like pretty much all female 20-something runners, I adore Lauren Fleshman. She’s legit. I especially loved this behind-the-scenes peek into her Picky Bars business. (Also, her kid is frickin’ adorable. Check out her Instagram.)

I’ll probably write A LOT about this over time as Husband and I decide to start a family. On housewifing and feminism and careers.

Whether or not I “believe” in astrology and horoscopes is up in the air, but I typically agree with lists or descriptions that apply to my “sign,” Gemini. But according to this, I should totally be a Virgo.

When I read lists like this, and agree with most of the items, and then read comments that call the writer “jealous” of Americans…it pretty much cements my growing sense that maybe I should try being an ex-patriate. SORRY I’M NOT SORRY.

Confession: We were gifted a donut pan for our wedding and I have yet to use it. ::hangs head in shame:: So this recipe got bumped up to the top of my “to-make” list.

Super fascinating. NY Times looks at a group of college students as they began and finished their freshman year of college.

One-star book reviews of classic works. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

This collection of Google Earth views of different airports is oddly captivating.

Traveling alone absolutely rocks.

And finally:

"Wherever you are, be all there." -Jim Elliotsource





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