Medals for 20-Somethings

Medals for 20-Somethings

So, you know how pretty much everyone just loves to bag on 20-somethings/millennials? About how we’re “entitled” and “lazy” and “narcissistic” and “too dependent on technology” and, you know, unwilling to accept the horribly broken status quo we’re supposed to embrace?

One common criticism is that, since we were given “participation” medals and ribbons and gold stars all our lives, we (supposedly) now expect awards and platitudes constantly, just for showing up.

(Obviously, I really, really hate the constant criticism, stereotypes, and generalizations heaped on “my generation.” But I won’t get into that now.)

And then, the other day, I went to Target to buy dog food and shampoo. And I walked out of Target…with dog food and shampoo.

I didn’t stop and pick up a new clutch that was on clearance, or another tank top or graphic tee, or a sports bra, or some new makeup, or a set of pens, or a notebook, or something adorable for the kitchen, or a candle, or…anything that wasn’t on my list.

I got home and shared this with Husband and said “I should get a medal for that!”

And…BOOM. Idea.


Official Medals to Award 20-Somethings for Getting Through an Average Week

The “I Went to Target and Only Got What Was on My List!” Award!

I Went to Target & Only Got What Was on My List Award

presented to those who exhibit extreme self-control and tunnel vision, as well as absolute dedication to maintaining a healthy bank account, and the refusal to be swayed by supremely awesome deals

The “I Avoided Game of Thrones/Walking Dead/ Downton Abbey/Orange is the New Black Spoilers!” Award!

I Avoided Game of Thrones/Walking Dead/Downton Abbey/Orange is the New Black Spoilers Award

presented to those who shroud themselves in some sort of sensory deprivation from the time that their favorite show airs a new episode until they are able to watch it, often by avoiding all forms of media, social and otherwise, and/or running away from others who may or may not be discussing the latest plot twists

The “One Week Selfie-Free!” Award!

One Week Selfie-Free

presented to those who resist the irresistible urge to share with others (family, friends, and total strangers) how they look at any given moment for at least seven entire days

What other medals should we award ourselves?

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