Tacos, Peanut Butter Beer Bread, & Rejected Princesses

Link Round-Up 7-20 {the ponytail diaries}

So, this week, I faced my never-ending fears about setting rates and negotiating contracts, started to build up Pinterest for the blog, oh, and right now I’m on my way home from YOSEMITE.

Anyway, clockwise from top left…

HOLY YUM. I don’t really cook red meat that much but these tacos may make me change my ways.

Love this! Rejected Princesses showcases some totally bad-ass (and in some cases, super scary) women throughout history (Mariya is probably my favorite).

I swear I could share one of Sarah’s posts every week.


What? You don’t read The Happiness Project? I loved this post on how our habits are SO tied up with our identities.

I started reading Dayna’s blog recently and it’s amazing. Warning: this post is not exactly for the squeamish, but I’m totally in awe of A) how open she is about a very private situation and B) how beautifully she shares it.

Price? Ridiculous. Still want? Um, hell yes.

Now, an artsy DIY I think I can actually manage.

Another list of excellent blogging resources? Yes please!

I have a new-found love of true “one-pot” recipes. This is next on the to-make list.

And, this:

All I care about is pasta and, like, 3 peopleAnd Onyx. #TRUTH






PS: Did you know The Ponytail Diaries is on Instagram? I totally wouldn’t hate it if you followed me (and I’ll probably follow you back)!


2 thoughts on “Tacos, Peanut Butter Beer Bread, & Rejected Princesses

    • You’re quite welcome πŸ™‚ And I may or may not have drooled a little when I stumbled across that recipe. Can’t wait until I have time to test it out.

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