Onyx: A Day In The Life

Onyx: A Day in the Life {the ponytail diaries}

Onyx here.

You probably know that dogs are all about routine.

Unfortunately, my humans don’t seem to recognize this.

Some days, we’re up early. Some days, we sleep in.

Some days, I get to go for a run instead of making my neighborhood patrol. And these runs don’t even follow a routine! Sometimes we go to the park, sometimes the beach, sometimes nearby neighborhoods.

Every couple weeks I get to go to the dog park. Then there are the car trips where we may go to other houses, or camping, or who knows where.

And don’t even get me started on bedtime.

It’s a tough life, I tell ya.

I’ll admit it’s pretty great having Allison home (almost) all the time now. She leaves the back door open so I can sit on the patio and stand guard or take naps in the sun. But it still doesn’t mean I have a routine I can stick to.

Here’s what one of my days last week looked like:

6:15AM: Allison’s alarm went off. She got up, hit snooze, and got back in bed. I’ve learned I don’t need to bother getting up until she gets up and puts her contacts in.

Onyx: A Day in the Life {the ponytail diaries}

7:00AM: I think we’re going for my morning neighborhood patrol, but instead she takes me to her car. She’s wearing running clothes, so I get a little excited. We run at the beach! It’s awesome! Except I don’t like the people on bikes.

8:15AM: We get back home. Allison puts food and water in my bowls and she sits at her computer and starts working. I think. You can never tell, she may just be scrolling through Twitter or Feedly and calling it work.

9:00AM: Allison makes breakfast and gives me a bite of her eggs. Yum! I eat too quickly even though she reminds me the eggs are hot. She brings my bed from the bedroom to the living room so I can nap.

Read of the morning: I’m Allison’s office manager now, so I spend my mornings napping, growling at people who walk down the hall (how dare they??), guarding the entryway when Allison goes to the bathroom, and sniffing around the back patio. I help Allison water the plants at one point.

Lunch: I watch Allison reheat something in the microwave. It smells pretty good, but she doesn’t give me any.

Onyx: A Day in the Life {the ponytail diaries}

Afternoon: more napping, playing my new game where Allison waits on the patio and I run in and out of the living. It’s fun! I even get some of my toys involved. I’m a little tired after that so I rest on the patio while she works.

6:00PM: My other human comes home.

6:15PM: Allison and I go for my evening neighborhood patrol. There’s a lot to catch up on because I didn’t go this morning.

7:00PM: They make dinner and watch TV. I try to help and do my best to look really cute so they’ll give me treats. It works!

8:30PM: My other human starts getting ready for bed. Allison does not, so I start trying to let her know it’s almost bedtime.

Onyx: A Day in the Life {the ponytail diaries}

9:15PM: They bring my bed back to the bedroom. I go in and get it set up, but Allison is still not getting ready for bed. I go back out to the living room to wait for her.

10:00PM: Allison FINALLY starts getting ready for bed! I go to my bed to wait.

10:10PM: I give both my humans good-night kisses.

10:40PM: Allison turns the light off and we all go to sleep.

See? Hard life. It’s a lot of work keeping track of my humans.

Onyx: A Day in the Life {the ponytail diaries}


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