Failure at Being a Girl: New Shoes!

failure at being a girl

failure at being a girl - new shoes

I’ve never really been a “girly girl.” I loved wearing pretty dresses when I was little (really little) and dressing up as a princess one Halloween, but there was definitely a seven- or eight-year span where I absolutely DID NOT wear dresses unless it was required (weddings, First Communion, school play…that was about it).

I also didn’t start wearing makeup (beyond mascara and under-eye concealer) until I was 21. Seriously. I don’t color my hair and my nail polish is ALWAYS chipped.

I’d rather hang out at a sports bar (and actually WATCH the game…I get a little rude when people try to talk to me in the middle of an inning or play) than a club.

Typical bachelorette parties give me anxiety. And, flip flops and running shoes aside, I’m just…not into shoes.

(Actually, I take that back. I will drool over fancy, ridiculously expensive cowboy boots alllll day. I literally want every pair of ladies Old Gringo boots ever.)

(And let’s not talk about long those damn graphics took me. I have a love/hate relationship with Canva right now.)

Also, God help me, I love this:

Thank you, Weird Al. Now when I hear that awful song I can get your lyrics stuck in my head ALL DAY instead of Robin Thicke’s disgusting ones (fact: I had no idea that Robin Thicke was Alan Thicke’s son until last October when I found out that my husband has NEVER SEEN GROWING PAINS).

linking up with I Wore Yoga Pants for Back That Azz Up Friday:

shoe photo credits: here and here


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