Onyx: The Dossier

Onyx Dossier Folder ClassifiedName: Onyx

Nicknames: Ony, Ony-Bear, Bear, Bear-Bear

Breed: Chow-Kelpie mix (estimated)

Age: almost 5 years (estimated)

Birthplace: San Diego, CA (estimated)

Color: Black

Weight: 45-50ish pounds

Current Location: under Allison’s desk, San Diego, CA (exact)

Occupation: Allison’s Office Manager, part-time blogger

Likes: trail running (off leash), the dog park, hiking, daily neighborhood patrols, camping, chicken, cheese, hiding in dark spaces where she can blend in and be a ninja, her stuffed toys (Wombat, Leopard, Monkey, and Bunny), beer, licking Allison’s hand after she puts on lotion or moisturizer, certain chewies, belly rubs

Dislikes: most people, the vacuum, the slow cooker, when UPS/FedEx delivery people walk down the hall, when the neighbor comes out to smoke or talk on his phone on his balcony, baths

Hobbies: guarding the apartment with ferocity, sitting next to the tree on the patio, going on adventures with her humans

Favorite Book: Call of the Wild by Jack London

Favorite Movie: Homeward Bound and The Sandlot

Life Goals: catch a squirrel and show it who’s boss, convince her humans to buy a big, open lot in the middle of nowhere so she can run free and explore every day


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