Onyx’s Favorite Things

This is Onyx. Allison is my human and she says I get to blog here once a week. I’m still trying to master the opposable thumbs thing, so to get started, Allison helped me put together a photo essay of my favorite things.

Onyx's Favorite Things 1 - relaxing in the garden, beer, guarding the couch, daily neighborhood patrols Onyx's Favorite Things 2: begging for human food, taking my human running, being a ninja under the desk, exploring the dog park Onyx's Favorite Things 3 - hiding in spots that look uncomfortable, jumping on the bed, car rides, doing the laundry Onyx's Favorite Things 4 - sleeping, belly rubs, selfies with my human, playing with my toys Onyx's Favorite Things 5 - hiking Onyx's Favorite Things 6 - generally being awesome


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