June Reading Round-Up

Read in June & In Progress and Upcoming


Have I mentioned that I really frickin’ love reading? That if there was a way to get paid to just read books, I’d be ALLLLLL over that? That I drive my husband a little nuts leaving the light on and staying up late reading pretty much every night?

Okay. So we’re on the same page.

Read in June

Over the month, I’ve finished 3 books (I started two of them before June, but who’s quibbling?).

A Dance with Dragons

AKA Game of Thrones Book 5. I won’t say much about this because SPOILERS but OH MY GOD WITH THESE BOOKS. I JUST CAN’T. My brother had read all five before I even started reading (or watching the show), so as I read I was constantly texting him saying “OMG TYRION” or “JON SNOW WTF” or “cersei hahahahaha” and the like. When I get to see him in person, it’s almost automatic that we jump into a 15-minute in-depth GoT conversation that the rest of my family thinks is just a bunch of strange words with “DRAGONS!” occasionally thrown in.

Over/under on the 6th book coming out? Anyone?

Steve Jobs

Only, what 2-3 years late? I pretty much never read the “must-read bestsellers” when they’re actually must-read bestsellers. I *may* buy one when it’s on the New York Times list, only because it’ll usually be on sale, but I have stacks and stacks of books to read and I don’t get around to them in a timely manner.

Anyway. I did think this was well-written and I now want to check out a few of Isaacson’s other biographies. I felt like as he got to know Jobs personally, he did like the man, but was still determined to really highlight the not-so-good parts of his personality, which was…a little odd. And, honestly, reading this book now, about one of the arguably most ambitious, intense, and successful men of our time, when I’m taking a huuuuuge step back from the corporate world and the traditional career and focusing on a life well-lived, instead of well-worked…it was weird.

But worth reading, overall.

One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories

I’m not the biggest fan of the short story. I try to like it. I read a lot of the contemporary greats for creative writing classes in college, and I used to subscribe to the New Yorker so I could feel all sophisticated and in-the-know about the current state of fiction publishing. I try to write short stories and I always cram too much into them. Because, let’s face it, as much as I can appreciate the beauty of a finely crafted and well-written short story, give me a big, deep, juicy novel with character arcs and subplots any day.

All that said. I more or less knew what I was getting with BJ Novak, and this was definitely enjoyable and a light, quick read. A lot of “look how clever and intellectual I am” humor without crossing the line to hipster and obnoxious.

In Progress and Upcoming

I put a bunch of books on hold at the library and somehow they were all available at once, a week later. So we’ve got a pretty eclectic group (I probably won’t read/finish all of these in July):


The Book Thief

The Golden Compass

Reading Lolita in Tehran

Jessica Darling’s It List

(not pictured, but I also borrowed my mom’s copy of Dreams from my Father, so that might get thrown in there too)

Fiction: 2/12
Biographies: 1/12
Non-fiction: 0/12

What have you read/are you reading lately?

No affiliate links here, I just threw them up to be nice.




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