Pet Peeves: Internet Edition

Pet Peeves Internet Edition

Nowadays, if you’re in the USA, you can’t really complain about anything without someone dismissing you by saying “first world problems…” (Have FWP caught on in Europe or other developed countries yet?) The thing is, we’ve ALWAYS had “first world problems,” we just used to call them “pet peeves” and everyone kinda accepted that you *know* these are stupid things to be pissed off about, but you are because you’re human, let’s complain about it and move on.

So. That’s my excuse for these little rants — brought on by temporary moments of frustration as, in this case, I navigate one of the more first-world things out there, the internet.

Making Up Usernames

When you need to register for a site — DailyMile, Ravelry, Modcloth, whatever — and they require you to create a username. Please God, just let me use my email. Or continue as guest without registering, because no, I don’t want to join your mailing list or put my name out there for more advertisers to pounce on. I can barely keep passwords straight, and I can never just use “Allison” as my username because it’s already been taken, so I resort to using some weird combination of my initials and birthday and whatever that I immediately forget after signing up. (And I don’t like using the Facebook sign-in option, when offered, because I don’t think Mark Zuckerberg needs to know about every blessed thing I do online.)

Auto-Play Ads & Videos

SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. The most useful Chrome extension ever is the one that puts a little speaker icon on the tabs of sites that are making noise. I follow the SF Giants feed on the CSN Bay Area website, and they make me click through on Feedly to read their articles, half of which have an auto-play video at the top. The worst is when they play an ad first and you have NO OPTION to stop it or skip it or even mute it (on the site, YES OF COURSE I can just mute my computer speakers, but what if I’m listening to Spotify? Or watching a video I actually CHOSE to watch?). Plus they slow down load times when I’m opening a bunch of tabs at once (a bad habit I just cannot break).

Pop-Ups on Websites

NO NO NO. Especially when they’re trying to get me to subscribe or sign up for their mailing list when I clicked a link from Feedly or their newsletter! I’M ALREADY A SUBSCRIBER DAMMIT. Can’t those links include tags that kill the pop-ups? Seriously, someone who know how to code and stuff, let me know. AND THEN TELL EVERY WEBMASTER HOW TO DO IT PLEASE.

Lists of “X Things You Must Be/See/Have/Do by Age X”

Stop telling what I must do for you to approve my life, random stranger on the internet. Seriously, can we all take a minute to observe how self-serving these lists are, as they mainly serve as a way for the author to brag and smugly point out what they think you’re doing “wrong” with your life?

Honorary mention: My inability not to click on those stupid list links.

Your turn – what are your pet peeves about the internet? Have you ever read a list of things you “should” do by a certain age that didn’t make you roll your eyes?



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