Turning 28


Do these look like 28-year-old feet? Don’t answer that…

My birthday was last week.

When I talked to my mom on my birthday, she said, “I can’t believe you’re 28 because I can’t believe I’m that old!”

I can’t believe I’m this old either. When I was a kid, 28 – practically 30 – meant someone who was a Grown-Up. Someone who had their shit together. I’m practically 30, but I don’t feel like I can call myself a grown-up until I routinely do laundry, then put all the clothes away before doing laundry again the following week.

::goes to check on the piles of clothes in the bedroom::

Nope, not happening.

Anyway, in lieu of more millennial whining about “getting older,” I thought it’d be way more fun and productive to come up with one of those “28 Things to Do While I’m 28” lists. I know they’re cliche and predictable and whatever, but I’ve never done one before so…here goes!

1. Sub-4:00 marathon

In my one and only marathon so far, I ran a 4:21. I battled a couple injuries while training so I wasn’t as fully prepared as I would’ve liked, plus it was, ya know, my first ever marathon. I’m thinking about going for the Carlsbad Marathon in January.

2. Financial goals as a freelancer

I’m not going to be specific about what these are (yet?), but my birthday is more or less coinciding with me officially freelancing full-time, and I’ve got some numbers in my head I want to shoot for.

3. Start meditating on a regular basis

I go to yoga. I’ve taken a couple meditation classes. I know how awesome meditating is for you. I just consistently don’t make time for it and I’d like to make that a habit.

4. Have fun with my SLR.

Not DSLR. An old-school film SLR. I don’t take it out much because it’s bulky and handing film is a bitch and I don’t like paying to have it processed and developed. But I love using that camera and one day, when we have space (i.e. a garage), I’m going to have my own little dark room to make my own prints.

5. Take one of those “Paint Night” classes

You know the ones that are usually at bars and you basically do a sort of paint-by-numbers? I’m totally awful at painting and drawing so that’s right up my alley. Plus – custom artwork for the apartment!

6. Complete The Artist’s Way

I’ve had this book for years and started and stopped (never getting past Week 3) a handful of times. I try to make Morning Pages a habit and do them for a week to maybe a month before giving into the snooze button.

7. SUP (stand-up paddleboard) more

Because I don’t take advantage of living in San Diego enough.

8. Run a Ragnar relay

Anyone got an extra spot on a team? Preferably the SoCal race, but I can make NorCal or Vegas happen!

9. Climb things

I never said these were going to be those “SMART” goals. This just means get outside more. Hike more. Run trails more. Rock climb more.

10. Build up this blog, move to a proper self-hosted website, and make this space more permanent and customized

No, I will not be staying at WordPress forever.

11. Shop local as much as possible

I will never be able to completely resist Target and Trader Joe’s, but there are farmers’ markets literally every day in this county. There’s a used bookstore just blocks away from me. There are dozens of cute boutiques so I don’t have to rely on Forever 21 and H&M as much.

12. [secret until it’s done]

13. PR in a half marathon

Probably try the San Diego half next March, because it’s only got one major hill and a fast finish made for PRs (I really want to go sub-1:45).

14. Make more food from scratch

I’ve got bread and pasta on here specifically already, but whatevs. I’m all about saving money and eating less processed food when I can. I’ve already started making my own hummus (and as I type, a cup of dried chickpeas from the bulk bin is soaking so I can cook them tomorrow – no more over-salted and pricey canned chickpeas here) and pesto (usually out of spinach because I often have trouble using a whole bunch/bag before it starts to get nasty). Tomato sauce? Enchilada sauce (we use that a lot)? Soups? Pita chips? Cheese? What else can I make that will make me feel all pioneer woman-esque and self-satisfied because my bank account will stay hefty and my waist will shrink (hopefully)?

15. Finish a draft of a novel

I’ve only been trying to finish one since…ever…

16. Camp in Yosemite

I can’t believe I’ve lived in California my entire life and have NEVER been to Yosemite.

17. Make sourdough bread from scratch

Gonna give it a try with this recipe.

18. Get a DSLR and possibly take a few classes

I know the basics of the manual settings, but if I shell out for some fancy camera, I want to know every single bell and whistle.

19. Brew my own beer

Husband has been brewing beer for about a year and a half now. I’ve watched and (sort of) helped a couple times, but I really want to go through the process myself, from start to finish.

20. Complete a month-long photo challenge

I keep trying those “365 Photos” challenges and never get more than 4-6 weeks in. I figure a month-long challenge, especially one with a set theme or prompts, will be more doable.

21. #100HappyDays

22. Get crafty & try some new/different crafts

Or, just actually complete a DIY or two from Pinterest

23. Read, at minimum: 12 fiction books / 12 non-fiction books / 12 biographies or autobiographies

That’s 3 books a month, give or take. I’m trying to get more variety in my personal library.

24. Make pasta from scratch

Because it’ll give me an excuse to get the pasta attachment for the KitchenAid.

25. Knit/crochet an article of clothing that isn’t a scarf/cowl or hat

As in, a sweater or top of some sort. Scary because I’m horrible at keeping even tension when I knit and it seems like that’s kind of important when making real clothes?

26. Go hang-gliding at Torrey Pines

27. Take the Coaster from Del Mar or so to Oceanside and run back

It’s a crazy distance runner thing.

28. So much more yoga

I’ve been embarrassingly lax in going to the studio lately, and I hardly ever bust out my mat at home. Scheduling issues abound but it should get easier when I start working for myself. And getting a solid at-home practice going again (that’s all I used to do when I was in college and too broke to afford a studio membership – free podcasts FTW) would be a good idea.


Further proof that Google knows everything – this was the Google homepage on my birthday.

So…there you have it.



3 thoughts on “Turning 28

  1. There is so many things I can relate to on your list! My husband brews beer!! He’s been brewing, for years now and it quite good at it (if I do say so myself) 🙂 We try to eat only “real” food at home and shop locally. Good to hear there are plenty of farmers markets in the city 🙂

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